New Beginnings by Doreen Winona Logeot


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In 1882, Brandon, Manitoba becomes a city with the arrival of the railroad and the beginning of the greatest mass emigration West in Canadian history.

Sam – self-made, wealthy and ruthless, is an influential business owner. Sara – widowed, alone and pregnant, is hiding from the world, riddled with guilt over previous pregnancies which her babies hadn’t survived.

That fall, through extraordinary circumstances, the two meet. Sam, worldly and experienced, is disconcerted to find that he is passionately drawn to Sara and cannot get her out of his mind. He seeks her out and begs her to let him into her life. Gently and patiently, he helps her discover the kind of tenderness and pleasure she had never experienced. She returns his love, and together, they find that life can give the happiness they had thought unattainable. Their journey takes them from the snowbound prairies of Western Canada to the modern-day bustle of Montreal and Philadelphia as they seek to find an answer to the mystery that could threaten their future happiness.

Follow Sam and Sara along their journey at a time when so many things were new to the couple and to the world … a time of new beginnings.
New Beginnings (New Beginnings Series)

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