Station X by Aubrey Ross


BARGAIN $2.99 Kindle EBook:

(3-in-1 Collection) Ravenous: One impulsive kindness lands Teladorian and Azariel in the middle of a vampire clan war. Sophie is unsure who she can trust, yet she’s fascinated by her enigmatic rescuers. Unable to ignore the volatile attraction growing between them, she allows them to hide her while they figure out who is trying to kill her.

Dangerous: Without warning, Monique finds herself trapped in a secluded castle, prisoner to the most dangerously appealing man she’s ever met. Instead of teaching Anthony how to adjust to modern society, Anthony–with the help of his personal guard–show her the unbelievable pleasures only attainable in a bygone world.

Sensuous: Captivated, yet challenged by Tess’s resistance, Victor enlists the help of Seth, an arrogant Elfin prince. Victor knows they can unleash her sensuality if they find a way beyond her emotional reserve. Seth woos her by day. Victor seduces her by night. And when her barriers begin to crumble, they combine their efforts, shattering her preconceived ideas of what love is all about.
Station X

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