Help Tucker Breathe


Help Tucker Breathe

No, that’s not a book title, although it could be.

If I was going to write the story of Tucker’s life, it would end with the 25-year-old man sporting a new set of lungs and, of course, living happily ever after. The book-jacket blurb would probably go something like this:

After loosing his three best friends to Cystic Fibrosis, the childhood disease that united them all, Tucker now faces his own mortality. In intensive care, with a machine forcing life-giving oxygen into his near-useless lungs, he awaits the double lung transplant that may never come. The financial stress ravages his family much like the disease eats away at his 25-year-old lungs. But Tucker’s good heart has touched so many lives in his short life, and now those lives will touch his heart in return. Friends across the country embark on an unprecedented social-media campaign that raises thousands of dollars a day, in an effort to save the man they know as Tuck-Tuck, Tuckahoe, Tuckman, and so many other names of endearment. Friends, family, acquaintances, and total strangers raise the needed funds to convince Duke University that his lung transplant will not be done in vain. That he has the mental, physical, and financial support to make such an operation a success. Support in many forms pours in and Tucker gets his lungs. He keeps alive the memories of his childhood friends, and breathes in the love of so many. All because people were willing to Help Tucker Breathe.

Of course, the final chapters of this story have yet to be written, but I have little doubt how things will turn out. Thanks to the support of friends, family and people like you! Thank you.





Tucker’s tat in memory of his friends
“In memory of my Fibros and Cysters Tommy, Lucy, and Chantel. Breathe Easy..An Elephant never forgets”

Help Tucker Breathe


3 thoughts on “Help Tucker Breathe

  1. Moved. To. Tears. Thank you for being able to write what we’re all thinking so eloquently and with so much love and compassion. I’m proud to say you’re my uncle. Love you.

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