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Duffy Dombrowski just accepted a dream job: chief sparring partner for Russian heavyweight contender Boris Rusakov in Vegas. His obstinate basset hound, Al, and a few friends join Duffy for the ride—but before Duffy knows it, his trip turns into a nightmare. Someone’s killing local Mexican workers, friends and relatives of Duffy’s gym buddies. And to make matters worse, Duffy’s got Boris’s Russian mobster pals chasing him with murder on their minds.
Quirky characters, rapid-fire dialogue, and nonstop action propel The Vegas Knockout into the sphere of gritty thrillers that hit with astonishing power.


A ghetto social worker, moonlighting as a heavyweight fighter, Duffy Dombrowski, knows the street, the ring and the meanness this world can throw in relentless combinations. This time around he may be the only friend Howard Rheinhart’s got right now. “Hackin Howard” bullied all through high school, got the last laugh when he went on a killing spree. Sure, slicing up a couple of big men on campus might’ve been overkill payback for the wedgies and the constant torment, but Duffy understood. Now, years later Howard has been paroled and after some copykat slayings reminiscent of 20 years ago shock the same town, everyone wants to know where Howard is. Only Duffy knows and but the heavyweight is busy training for the biggest fight of his sorry boxing career while dealing with this year’s model of the town’s bullied kid, some ‘roided up karate instructors and an underground drug distribution ring. Duffy believes Howard is innocent but he’s the only one and he’s got to prove it before they both wind up being bled out on the side of the road like the mounting victims. Can he pull it off? Let’s just say he’s got a fighters’ chance.


A ghetto social worker, moonlighting as a heavyweight fighter, Duffy Dombrowski, knows the street, the ring and the meanness this world can throw in relentless combinations. When Karl, the schizophrenic, ex-GI with post traumatic issues shows up on Duffy’s caseload talking about governmental conspiracy predictions Duff takes it in stride. But after Karl’s terrorist predictions start coming true and he prattles on about the motives of defense contractors, security firms and the profits of war, Duff begins to pay attention. Then Duff suffers his own traumatic brain injury getting knocked out in the ring and Karl doesn’t look so crazy any more. With his own sanity on the line Duffy, Al and Karl travel across the country to foil the terrorists at the Notre Dame football opener and the Columbine-type massacre. Oh yeah, and in the meantime there’s that evil basset hound puppymill to deal with. Step into the ring for round three and join Duffy, Al the basset hound, that collection of lovable drunks, the Fearsome Foursome for their greatest adventure yet. Pull up a bar stool, crack a cold Schlitz, let Elvis light up the jukebox and get ready for the most therapeutic social worker moonlighting as a pro boxer. When Duffy hears the bell everyone should keep their guard up.

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