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From Award-Winning Thriller Writers Brett Battles and Robert Gregory Browne

After losing her mother to a terrorist attack, Alexandra Poe was devastated when her father–disgraced and accused of treason–disappeared from the face of the earth. Now, over ten years and a stint in Iraq later, Alex is approached by a man who has information about her father and wants to help her find him.

But there’s a catch. The man works for Stonewell International, a security firm that specializes in fugitive acquisition. And in return for their help, Alex must agree to run point on an extremely dicey mission. One that will take her behind the walls of a brutal and dangerous women’s prison near the coast of the Black Sea.

When Alex finally agrees, she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. She may find her father, but she could very well lose her life.

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NOTE: This is a digital short

From ITW Thriller Award nominee and Nicholl award-winning author, Robert Gregory Browne, comes the short story, Bottom Deal, the story of Nick Jennings, an ex-cop struggling to survive a nasty fall from grace, only to be confronted by a past he’d just as soon forget.

Holly Addison, a reformed Vegas hooker and police informant, is convinced someone is trying to kill her and she wants Nick’s help. What Nick doesn’t realize is that he’s about to get mixed up in a murder investigation involving the rich and powerful, whose depravity knows no bounds.

And it’ll take everything Nick has in him to win with the hand he’s been dealt.

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NOTE: This is a digital short

A short story from the author of the #1 Amazon Legal Thriller, TRIAL JUNKIES.

John “Preacher” Holliman is one of the baddest bastards ever to ride a Harley. And when his girlfriend Lisa is brutally murdered, Preacher doesn’t hesitate to break some heads to find out who killed her. The cops think he did it, but Preacher can’t be bothered with them. He’s too busy getting his revenge.

This story originally appeared in Easyriders Magazine.

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