You Can’t Pick Up Raindrops by John Charles Miller


BARGAIN: $2.99 short story collection

Kindle Book:

“You Can’t Pick Up Raindrops” is a collection of 24 unforgettable short stories including humor, a tear jerker, some Peace Corps stories, science fiction, the truly strange and weird, as well as stories that will leave you with the question: “Did that really happen?”

A customer 5-star review:
John Miller’s first book, “Citrus White Gold” Citrus White Gold: An Alternate History of Citrus county, Florida was a delightful alternate history, accurate in historical detail and filled with humor and compassion. With “You Can’t Pick Up Raindrops,” Miller has created a masterpiece of short stories. He provides us with memorable heart-touching “peeks” into his real life experiences in the Peace Corps (Dominican Republic–kids so poor they consider using piles of cow pies for bases in baseball–until they remember what sliding into home base would be like if it rains]. And his science fiction? FUN! Marvelous, often satirical commentary. I am in AWE! Thank you, John!

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