Do Over! by Jeff Kirvin


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Kindle Book 45 pages:

Richie Preston is 27 years old and still lives in his parents’ house, still works at a dead end job, lost his great love, still hasn’t really begun his life.

One day the fates smile on him and give him the opportunity to start over, to go back to being 17 and about to start his senior year of high school, only this time with all the memories of what he did wrong the first time. All he has to do is not interfere with anyone else’s life. It sounds like a great deal, but living up to his end of the bargain turns out to be harder than Richie ever imagined.

If you had the chance, would you make the choice?

A customer’s 5-star review:
When I first saw the title I was afraid it would be the predictable “Back to the Future” kind of tale. I gave it a chance because I had read a prior novel of the author “Between Heaven and Hell” and liked it. The story has an unexpected twist at the end that earns its 5 stars. The size of the tale makes it a great lunch time read and if anything it is underpriced.

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